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Forthcoming engagements: 

20 November Thoresby Hall (Warner Leisure) 
21 November  Nidd Hall (Warner Leisure) 
27 November  Bembridge Coastal (Warner Leisure)
28 November  Norton Grange (Warner Leisure)
04 December Gunton Hall (Warner Leisure)  
05 December Corton (Warner Leisure)  
11 December Cricket St Thomas (Warner Leisure) 
18 December Norton Grange (Warner Leisure)
19 December Bembridge Coastal (Warner Leisure) 
23 December Nidd Hall (Warner Leisure) 
24 December Thoresby Hall (Warner Leisure) 
20 - 28 June Guest Artists, Fred Olsen Black Watch (Scottish Islands) 
30 Oct - 12 Nov Guest Artists, Fred Olsen Braemar (Canary Islands & Madeira) 
26 Nov - 7 Dec Guest Artists, Fred Olsen Black Watch (Spain, Portugal & Morocco)