Book Trovatori

We are available for many kinds of events, from headline concerts to weddings and private parties.

Every event is different so although we’ve given guide prices for each please do get in touch if your event doesn’t quite fit into one of these categories!


We’ve have amazing opportunities to perform as headline entertainers all over the world, in theatres, churches and on cruise ships as well as in more intimate venues like private estates, cabaret clubs and bars. We prepare programmes to suit the venue and occasion, from one 30-45 minute cabaret set to two 45 minute sets with an interval. We perform a wide range of music which means we can tailor our programmes to purely classical repertoire or a mix of music to suit all tastes. Our prices start at £300 so please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your event further.

Weddings and other private events

We regularly perform at weddings, funerals and other private events around the UK and can tailor our repertoire to suit any occasion, whether it’s secular or religious songs for a service or wedding to music for a reception or dinner party cabaret.

We’re happy to travel and have our own PA system (adequate for up to 250 guests) that we can supply if needed, otherwise we’re always happy to perform acoustically for a more intimate atmosphere.

Our prices for private events start at £300 so please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your event further.

Session recordings

We have our own recording studio set up and record our voices for hundreds of clients all over the world! We can also compose vocal arrangements for your project if required, or can work to sheet music or guide audio file. We usually deliver our vocals as raw .wav files, but can mix our voices together if requested. Our session prices start at £150 for a pre-written recording of up to 1 minute so please get in touch with details of your project.

Online concerts and events

Over the course of the pandemic we, like many other professional performers, had to discover new ways of creating music and entertaining audiences. We performed several concerts via Zoom during the various lockdowns in the UK, and it was wonderful to experience a live audience in a whole new way!

We are finding that online events are still a popular option and so we are offering these services as a permanent fixture. Our prices for online appearances start at £250 for an event such as a funeral – please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your event further.

Online workshops and lessons

Another highlight of the recent lockdowns was hosting online workshops for various organisations as well as offering one-on-one singing lessons. Our lesson price is £40 per session (with either Darren or Caroline). For the workshops we charge £100 per session and can host a group of up to 12 through a series of sessions focussing on different aspects of singing, from breathing and releasing tension to optimising vocal range.